A Minecraft Youtuber
(pronounced sigh-know-vus)



Minecraft Logic Be Like:
Flaws with Minecraft's logic

Making Friends in Minecraft:
How to be friendly in Minecraft

Minecraft Piston Doors:
Tutorials for my piston doors

Minecraft Amusement Park:
Custom amusement park showcase

Hermit Brickheadz:
LEGO Brickheadz made by Targetstrike

Scinovus Rickrolls:
Different rickrolls I've done to people

Dulles Airport in Minecraft:
Dulles Airport recreation showcase

Minecraft Recreations:
Ancient wonder recreations showcase

Minecraft Resource Packs:
Custom resource packs I designed

Minecraft Holiday Stuff:
Holiday-themed Minecraft builds

Alt Account

I post mostly non-Minecraft content on this channel, with a fair bit of airplane videos, but also some dog content, and a few highlights from concerts I've attended.


Join my Patreon community to help me out as a small content creator, get unique benefits such as world and resource pack downloads, and a special role in my Discord server! Note: No longer available.


Feel free to contact me for any questions, comments, or suggestions. I try to respond to every email or DM I get.